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Learning about your own legal matters is an important way to develop a basis of knowledge of exactly what you’re up against. However, your questions about criminal defense strategies for your case and the consequences of a possible conviction deserve the skilled, professional attention of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Dallas County, Texas. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away, if you have been charged with a crime or you suspect that you may be charged with one. A reputable criminal defense attorney will answer all your questions about your criminal case in Plano, TX and start building your defense strategy right away.

What should I do if I’m arrested?

If you have the misfortune of being arrested, before you do anything else, be sure to remain silent. Even if you are innocent of the crime you are being accused of and you truly believe that you can explain away the situation, do not speak with the police. Any statements that you make without first consulting with a Plano, TX criminal defense and DWI attorney can damage your ability to win your future case in Dallas County. It is your constitutional right to have the attorney of your choice present with you during any type of police questioning, once you have been taken into custody. Call a well-respected criminal defense attorney or DWI attorney in Plano, TX and he or she will surely be able to ensure that you thoroughly understand any and all criminal charges you might end up facing and how to proceed with a successful defense.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

The most important difference between a felony criminal charge and a misdemeanor criminal charge, to someone who is being charged with one or the other, is the severity of the possible penalties involved. Conviction of a felony can mean serving time in a state prison, losing certain constitutional rights, and even having to register as a sex offender for life. Any time incarcerated for a misdemeanor charge is simply served in a local jail and sentences for a misdemeanor cannot be more than one year. Misdemeanor penalties are much more temporary in nature than felony penalties.

Do criminal defense attorneys in Dallas County give free case evaluations?

The law office of each Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney has created its own specific and unique policy, when it comes to client consultations and case evaluations. The question of legal fees and payment structures, in general, should always be discussed upfront before working with any particular attorney on any kind of case.

Can I settle my criminal case without needing a trial?

The vast majority of cases in Texas, criminal or civil, will settle before ever seeing a trial. Your Plano criminal defense lawyer will discuss all of the possible scenarios for you and your case and then will advise you about whether any type of plea agreement is in your best interest. If your criminal case does go to a jury trial, your attorney’s skill level will make all the difference.

I’m only facing a misdemeanor. Should I just plead guilty to get it over with?

You should never plead guilty to a crime or even a traffic violation in Texas without speaking to a Dallas- Fort Worth criminal defense and DWI attorney, who can educate you on all of the potential consequences a criminal conviction can have on you, your family, and your future. Even a simple traffic ticket can cause your car insurance rates to shoot up and add points to your driving record, which will cause you big problems later on. The consequences of a misdemeanor or a traffic violation can far exceed the cost of hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney in Plano, TX.

Is attempting to commit a crime illegal in Texas?

An individual who intends to commit a crime and takes one or more real steps toward committing that crime, but then fails to complete the crime, can sometimes be found guilty of a separate crime, called attempt. However, a small act of preparation that is significantly far off from the completed criminal act is not significant enough to sustain an attempt charge.

What is a grand jury?

The US Constitution requires the federal government to gather a grand jury to decide whether or not charging an individual with a felony is appropriate. The grand jury reviews all evidence against the person and may hear testimony when deciding whether or not to indict. The grand jury does not decide on the accused individual’s guilt or innocence of the crime and can also act as a buffer between the prosecuting attorneys and the person charged with the crime. Every state in the US uses a grand jury system.

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“I was very pleased with the overall results with Carl. He walked me through the case with ease. He gave me worst case scenarios but also showed me the light. Once my hearing was cleared he immediately initiated for me to be clear from my record. Thank you Carl.“



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I am a sole practitioner dedicated exclusively to the practice of criminal defense law. My focus is entirely on criminal cases in Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwall and surrounding Texas counties. When you are in trouble with the law, you need an attorney who will navigate you through the legal system with dignity and respect and will be there for you every step of the way. I have been practicing in Texas courts on a daily basis since 1996. I have tried many felony and misdemeanor cases, successfully presented cases before the Grand Jury, litigated pre-trial matters, negotiated plea bargains and settled probation violations. In the last fifteen years, I have disposed of thousands of cases. Whether we take your case to jury trial or negotiate a plea, my objective is to obtain the most favorable outcome for you while always keeping your best interest my primary concern. My approach is to perform a thorough analysis of your case, determine and advise all options, and decide a course of action to minimize your exposure and optimize your outcome.

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