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“I endorse this lawyer. Carl is an excellent attorney and a very diligent and hard worker for his clients. When I was a DA not too long ago, I always appreciated his professionalism but I knew that I was in for a fight every time. It is clear he cares for his clients which is why he is able to get the results he does.”

Ryan K., Criminal Defense Attorney

“If I ever need a lawyer, Carl is on my short-list—he is amazing. I recently served as Carl’s co-counsel on a high-stakes DWI trial and it is utterly apparent that he has a killer intellect, superb instincts, a great rapport with the judge and jury, and can stand toe-to-toe with any expert witness. Carl is an advocate you will trust and he’s a pleasure to know. I would work with him at any time, no questions asked.”

Shellie S., Criminal Defense Attorney

“If you a charged with a criminal offense you want Carl Ceder in your corner. I strongly endorse this lawyer.”

Benjamin B., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Carl is a great lawyer and friend. I assisted Carl in a felony trial in which he obtained a “not guilty” verdict and have worked with him on appeals. I endorse Carl without reservation.”

Sanjay M., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Carl is smart as a whip, highly driven by a strong desire to help his clients, and most important, has a track record of positive results in his cases. Carl has the expertise to handle even the most sensitive criminal case. What I like best about Carl is that he will selflessly take the time to help a colleague any way he can. I highly recommend Carl Ceder for any criminal matter in North Texas.”

R. Walker, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Mr. Cedar is the kind of advocate we all strive to be as defense lawyers. I fist saw him in action years ago in a Felony DWI case. The BAC was high and the video evidence was not helpful to the untrained eye. Mr. Cedar challenged every bit of that negative evidence and turned those negatives into positives. His precise and tactful strategy resulted in a not guilty. I have also seen and heard of how Mr. Cedar treats his clients like first class individuals. He also doesn’t give up on his clients. He takes the time and effort needed to ensure they are successful outside the courtroom as well as inside the courtroom. Mr. Cedar is by far the kind of lawyer you need and can count on in the Dallas Metroplex area.”

Gerard P., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse Carl Ceder. He a has great passion for for the law and will leave no stone unturned when it comes achieving justice in each and everyone of his cases!”

Nii Amaa, Criminal Defense Attorney

“A law professor once told me that a few lawyers are born to be trial lawyers and just have “It”. Simply put, Carl is one of those lawyers.”

Mark M., DUI and DWI Attorney

“Carl is tough, smart, and tenacious. He zealously represents his clients and achieves excellent results for them. I wholeheartedly endorse Carl Ceder.”

Christopher M., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Carl is a hard working and thorough attorney. When I was a prosecutor Carl always fought hard for his clients. He knew more about his cases and his clients than just about any criminal defense attorney out in DFW. As a fellow defense attorney Carl is very knowledgable and is willing to share his experience at any time. Hook them. I endorse this lawyer.”

Clayton S., Criminal Defense Attorney

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